Classic British Family Board Games
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The first time we ran across these, we were enchanted by their style, and their focus on old-fashioned simple family fun. Now we have a chance to offer them to our customers this holiday season. So dare to be different, you won't find these at the mall, and you may be creating memories.

Touring England is an all-time favorite dating from the 1930's. It's old-fashioned for sure but that's its fun and charm. Ages 6+.

Magnetic Fishing actually dates from the late 1800's and has beautifully illustrated pieces. It may seem kind of silly, but small children will find it lots of fun. For ages 3 and up.

The Britannia Compendium of Games includes 10 classic games taken from around the world - then claimed as being British (remember that?). Includes, Snap, Muggins, Steeple Chase, Pick-up Sticks, Dominos, Chess, Checkers, and more. Great fun for all ages (3+).

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