Classic Hobby Books
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These handsome Classic Hobby Books from England, compiled and faithfully replicated, with the look and feel of vintage Popular Mechanics, Boy’s Life Magazines and The Farmer’s Almanac, are brimming with projects, patterns and plans; antidotes, tips and how-tos designed to “bolster the skills of the budding hobbyist” and stimulate the imagination. Although originally targeted primarily to boys (8 to 14) and their dads, today these will bring a smile and provide a lot of fun for girls too.

Small Wood Projects is, as you might suspect, a treasure trove for the young woodworker, with quirky projects like a Lightship Bedside Lamp, and teaches skills like chip carving and weaving a grass chair seat. Like the back cover says, “Splendid projects for industrious chaps!”

Hobbies Annual is much broader in its appeal and explicitly brings in the girls and moms. It's all about hand tool use and healthy, wholesome classic activities (there's even a section on diving lessons) for young folks. This is all great family stuff, and everyone will enjoy them. Guaranteed. They're great, unique and surprising gifts.
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