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Classic Italian-Made Construction Sets
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It's really hard for anyone (young or old) to take a look at one of these sets and not to start imagining cars, trucks, platforms, cranes - there are literally endless possibilities. Made in Italy, these even come complete with a booklet (the drawings suggest dozens of ideas) first printed in the 1950's. The booklet is in Italian, but as using it is essentially an exercise in looking at drawings, we have not felt a translation was needed - and maybe some Italian words will be learned as a plus.

This is pure "civil engineering" kind of stuff. It's superb for comprehension, imagination and manual dexterity. Absolutely anyone (from 8 years old to 80 - male or female) will have a lot of fun. Others we have seen seem puny by comparison. All parts lie in fitted trays and absolutely everything you need is included.

The smaller set (box is not pictured) comes in a good looking cardboard box with three trays of parts totalling 268 pieces.

The larger Deluxe Set comes packed in a handsome wood box with six trays of parts - a total of 543 pieces. This is the most complete Construction Set we have ever seen - with the greatest variety of assembly possibilities. (As some of these parts are small and may go astray over time, we will be stocking replacements. All you have to do is call and give us the number. If we don't have it, we will get it for you.) Air Shipping is not available for this item.
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