Classic Planting Tools

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Classic Planting Tools
Traditional Korean Hand Tools
For weeding, digging, planting, furrowing and cultivating
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52A01.06 Triangular Hand Hoe

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52A01.07 Asian Digger

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If these look like they’re hand-made, it’s because they have been forged on an anvil by hand. Different cultural trends over many hundreds of years have led Asian farm workers (these tools come from South Korea) to design their own tools far from western influences. Some are world-class classics of design – like these two. The 6-1/2" wide Triangular Hoe will allow you to move around a huge amount of loose soil on your hands and knees. And the double curve-twisted conical shape of the Asian Digger excels at creating deep furrows (up to 5" deep) in loose soil – like a little hand plow.

Upon inspection, they will seem quite crudely made – which they are – but their function is superb. These are exceptionally lightweight tools, especially valued because of that alone.
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  • Rustic and Effective

    Philip, 7/30/2013 The hand-hammered finish gives them an old-timey look, I only wish that the smiths dipped the blades in lard or grease after annealiing them to impart a tough baked-on finish rather than using black spray paint. But there's nothing wrong with the quality of the steel, my hand hoe makes a nice ringing sound when you hit it and when I dressed the edge up with a file, found that the edge is tempered just right for a digging tool. The beefy wood handles feel good in the hand, too.
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