Classic Precision Stirling Engine

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Classic Precision Stirling Engine
Exquisite working model engine will inspire and delight
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60M03.01 Deluxe Single Piston Model

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60M03.02 Single Piston Kit

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60M04.01 Deluxe Double Piston Model

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60M04.02 Double Piston Kit

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The Stirling Engine was invented by a Scottish minister named Robert Stirling in 1816. It runs on very little energy, using an ingenious inter-cylinder air-exchange principle. Although a practical commercial application has yet to appear, worldwide enthusiasm for this quiet and efficient design has never dimmed.

These Stirling Engine models are precision made in Germany, and they are beauties. The quality of the workmanship is immediately evident. The parts are brass and stainless steel, and all ball bearings and cylinders are precision machined. To operate the engine, simply fill the burner cup with alcohol and light it. One filling lasts about 30 minutes. It will amaze and delight visitors to your home or office.
See below for more information on the single and double cylinder Stirling Engines.
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The Stirling Engine is also available in a kit, allowing you to experience the pleasure and challenge of building one of these beautiful machines yourself. All parts are fully finished, and careful instructions are provided with every engine.The wood base is 4-1/4 x 6-1/4".

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  • Wonderful 4 Hour Project

    Richard, 2/18/2011 This is a wonderful Kit for just about anyone :) Me and my Kids spent a Rainy Saturday assembling this little engine .. It runs like a sewing machine Well balanced and fun .. the hardest thing was finding real Alcohol :( 91% works and the best Ohio lets us have.
  • The Little Engine Who Could

    Terry B. Armentrout, 5/14/2009 May I recommend to you the Double Piston Stirling Engine Kit 60M04.02. This is a wonderfully conceived and crafted Stirling cycle engine. The double power cylinder purrs along with the linkage, rocker arms, flywheels, and pistons providing a spectacle of engineering and craftsmanship. For any Stirling engine to work properly, the tolerances must be precise. The sizing of the cylinder and displacer volumes must balance with the regenerator mass. This kit fits together well. The manufacturer is improving the assembling instructions so the exploded view and the instruction text flow congruently. Assembling the engine is about a three-hour entertaining project. To a Stirling engine enthusiast, this is a quality working model to add to the collection.
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