Classic "School" Paper-Cutting Scissors

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It's unusual to get excited about a tool as mundane as school-style scissors, but these caught our attention because the quality is so high and they are such a superb value. The action is smooth and the finger rings are very comfortable. Overall length 6-1/4".

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  • Excellent Value Scissors - a pleasure to use

    Pat F., 8/19/2016 These are just great little scissors - high quality, comfortable, very sharp and durable. Just got my 3rd pair. I've used these for over 10 years, and they just stay sharp. Highly recommended. Great value for the money,
  • Happiness all around.....

    Linda Gheorghiu, 3/28/2016 I am very pleased with the scissors that you sent me. they are, indeed, fine quality. However, I am needing 4 inch long scissors, but I will keep these and send them to my children who live in the states.
  • Life's Little Pleasures

    Tom Coe, 12/24/2013 I bought a pair of these some time ago to use at my office and today I gave 4 pairs as stocking gifts to family. As I explained to them, they are so nicely made, substantial in your hand, and cut so well that they make you want to cut things out for the fun of it. One of life's simple pleasures,a pair of good scissors, evokes that childhood memory of learning to use them correctly and that sense of mastery that brings a smile to the child in us. Thank you Garrett Wade for making these fine tools available.
  • Best Scissors Ever

    Kimberly A, 2/25/2011 I bought these scissors for my 5-year old, and find myself borrowing them constantly. I'm about to buy several more: for myself and as gifts for kids AND adults. They are superb quality - a real pleasure to use.
  • Classic School Scissors

    Leicabum, 9/7/2009 The best pair of scissors I have ever owned. As an accountant I have continual need for scissors...trimming W2's, 1099's, excel sheets. They are surprisingly heavy duty. Great item!
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