Classic Sewing Scissors with Optional Leather Case

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New Classic Sewing Scissors with Optional Leather Case
a professional set of two that are perfect
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65S01.50 Pair of Prof. Sewing Scissors

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38A02.14 Burgundy Leather Case (1)

In stock


This beautiful 2-piece set of classically styled sewing scissors features gilded finger holes shaped in a classic art deco pattern. Handmade in Italy for the professional market, they measure 5" and 6" long overall. Sewing Scissors are a staple of every person who works with or styles fabric, and these are extraordinary in their craftsmanship and function. We recommend them highly to all enthusiasts of fine workmanship.

Also available is a beautiful single-pocket (fits one pair of scissors) fitted burgundy leather holder custom-made especially for these. It fits both sizes in this set. Order separately.
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