Clothes & Upholstery Brush

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Clothes & Upholstery Brush
Oiled pearwood handle, bronze wire & natural bristles
Made in Germany
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45A03.35 Clothes & Upholstery Brush

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Our premium Clothes & Upholstery Brush is a joy to use and suitable for all types of fabric. A core of bronze wire with an outer row of stiff fiber bristles is the key. Bronze wires are especially effective removing pilling from sweaters and fleece. Makes a great upholstery brush for couches, chairs, ottoman - even car interiors. Bristles are hand set in a handsome oiled pearwood handle. Overall length, 10-1/2”; bristles, 1” x 5-1/2” x 1”. We like this brush and we use it a lot. We haven’t looked this good in years! Highly recommended.
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