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Does much more than just BBQ
It is the best portable grill in the world
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05G01.02 Optional Frying Pan (Skillet)

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05G01.03 Optional Frying Wok

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05G01.04 Optional Griddle

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05G01.05 Optional Roasting Rack (included with Grill)

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05G01.06 Instant Light Charcoal (8 large briquettes)

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05G01.10 Cobb Grill

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We've been following the development of this invention for several years as it has become more refined. Now, we can really appreciate how good it is - and we think you will too.

The origin of the Cobb was in South Africa where it was intended to provide a safe cooking system for people in rural areas without electricity, and to greatly reduce danger of out-of-control fires. It originally worked using dry corn cobs - hence its name. And it was voted one of the best inventions of 2001 by Time Magazine.

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Redesigned to use only 8-10 standard charcoal briquets, it will BBQ, roast, smoke, fry, grill, or bake for up to three hours. And its design permits double-duty, for example, roasting vegetables in the interior "moat" while grilling meat or seafood on the grilling surface.

While its internal temperature gets hot (up to 500 degrees F), its exterior base remains completely cool to the touch, so among other virtues, it can be used in many locations that a traditional grill cannot - such as, on a plastic table, a car or truck hood, a boat deck, camping, RVing, or on the beach. In its standard Carry Bag, it weighs only 9 lbs and is only 12" in diameter and 13" high. It's very easy to use and is completely dishwasher safe.

Important Notice: The Cobb Grill should only be used outside, as burning charcoal inside is very dangerous due to potential carbon monoxide poisoning.

Note: This item has been restricted from being shipped outside the U.S.
The Premier Cobb Grill includes the fire grid, dome top, non-stick grilling surface, stainless steel base and carry bag. All you need to add are some charcoal briquets and some pieces of fire starter available locally. Add the optional Frying Pan Skillet, the Frying Wok, the Roasting Rack and the Grooved Griddle to increase its versatility.

Once you register the Grill online the Original Cobb recipe book is available for immediate download. The Cobb Grill is a winner, and perhaps best of all, it easily goes where ever you want to go.

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Overall Rating
  • Cobb Grill is Ingenious

    Chuck, 8/4/2013 Ingenious! Cooks quickly, foods stay juicy, yet the base is cool enough to keep on a picnic table. Great for RVs.
  • This is great for the Beach

    Fred, 8/6/2011 This grill was great. At the beach we cooked oysters, clams, crab cakes etc. Used almost no hardwood charcoal.
  • Easy start

    Mary, 12/4/2010 cooks perfect!
  • Does what it's supposed to

    Tim, 8/4/2010 Easy to set up Easy to clean takes practice to learn to cook, but I expected that as I am not normaly the one who does the cooking Good solid product I recomend it
  • The Best Of The Best

    Maxine Allin, 6/26/2010 I have taken this bbq everywhere: camping trips-scuba diving boat trips- fishing in sierras-and @ home bbqing it is wonderful & effective! Best of all you can start within 5 minutes of firing up the is instantly ready. Get the cook book! You can cook anything on it and it cooks it to perfect moist taste. Bravo for Cobb. Wonderful!!!
  • Super Briquettes

    Roy, 5/1/2010 I use these briquettes as the base for my wood chunk barbeque fire. These ignite easily without adding any lighter fluid. They reach a high temperature quickly and maintain that heat for a long time. They are clean, individually wrapped in plastic. These are really neat briquettes and a must for every barbeque fanatic.
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