Combination Carving Set

Combination Carving Set
Professional quality at a novice price
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03C01.02 Combination Carving Set

Available 02/15/2016


A 9 piece set with a walnut handle and solid brass clamping sleeve, this set has a modest cost for the novice carver. Seven straight and curved-blade knives, plus a #7 Bent Gouge and a Vee Tool.

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Overall Rating
  • If you are a carver or thinking about getting into carving this set will do a mulitdude of tasks for you.

    Owl, 10/16/2015 Brilliant, simply brilliant. If you do a lot of hand carving this is the set for you. I carve just about every day and this set works brilliantly. You can hone the blades when they get slightly worn or you can just toss out the blade and put new ones in the handle. They have many different styles from small intricate carving blades to large, bulk removing blades and everything in-between. You can even buy gouges for the handle and a number of chisels and 90 degree corner blades. Yes, this set will fit most all your needs and more. With other sets you might get two or three honing's before you have to throw the entire handle/blade away, with this all you do is throw away the blade itself. Far more cost effective than most other carving sets out there.
  • Love Them

    Richard Nunez Rodriguez, 4/8/2015 Nice set of knifes has nothing to envy from any other carving knife, and you can take the any where.
  • Small and Effective

    Anasha, 3/8/2014 This product is much more compact than a comparable set of carving knives and much more effective. Blades are super sharp, and can easily be replaced (the manufacturer even makes other size chisels, gouges etc. if you want to expand functionality even further).
  • This'll work!

    Howie, 10/29/2013 I do leatherwork of various types, and sometimes my leather tools good as they are, won't 'cut' it for original tooling design. This tool set will do nicely to help in some of the more intricate design details that had been on the back burner" because I didn't have a tool for cutting some fine details. Love your tools!"
  • Perfect Carving Set

    Nate, 3/15/2013 I have been carving with this set for over 11 years. I have carved hardwood, soft wood, Greenwood and I even use it at work doing instrument refinishing. This is the best hand Carving Set you're going to find .
  • Pleased

    Dwayne, 7/5/2009 I liked the set well enough that I picked up one at smokey mt. knives on thankgiving. And had my inlaws get me another set for Christmas. I made 2 or 3 carving for Christmas with my first set I had and I loved them.
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