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Combo LED Lantern/Flashlight
$ 29.95
We’ve been looking for a good portable “camping” lamp for several years. And we’ve found it in the Combo Flashlight/Lantern.

The Combo Lantern/Flashlight, powered by 4 AA batteries (not included), functions either as a space filling lantern or as a fine flashlight – depending on whether the frosted globe is slid up or down (this easy change takes only seconds). Max output is 180 lumens. Height 5, weight 8 oz. Fresh batteries will last 8 hours at max output or 180 hours at low output (15 lumens). It also is designed to be hung high up or set (pull out the tripod legs) on the ground or table, and you can easily read by it if it is reasonably close. There is a standard camera-type 1/4-20 threaded brass socket in the base, allowing it to be used on top of a normal photo tripod.

The ability to quickly change from a lantern mode to a flashlight mode is terrific. (Please note that the 16A01.01 Flip Camping Lantern is no longer available, and we suggest this lantern as an alternative.)
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