Complete Guide to the Chainsaw & The Backyard Lumberjack
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Two excellent reference books on subjects not usually found in the library - how to safely and efficiently fell, buck, trim, split and stack firewood, and a soup-to-nuts examination of the chainsaw.

The Homeowner's Complete Guide to the Chainsaw is exactly that - complete. With hundreds of photographs, step-by-step instructions and expert explanations on every detail you need to know to operate your chainsaw safely while getting the most out of it. With tips on everything from choosing the right saw and protective gear to cutting lumber from logs, including a complete how-to on sharpening. Written by a husband and wife team of professional chain sawyers (really) and competitive carvers.

Father and son pro lumberjacks have written The Backyard Lumberjack, putting everything they know into it. From a tree standing in your yard to a roaring fire in the woodstove, each step of preparing, hauling and storing cut firewood is covered. Fully illustrated sections on saws, axes, logging and splitting tools and techniques. Especially helpful is a photographic glossary of common hardwood trees, an excellent identification guide. Even the experienced woodsman will find something to learn in this well-written book.
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