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All you need in rigid rulers
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26B01.01 Precision Ruler Set (3 Steel Rules)

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20K15.01 Lufkin 6 Ft. Folding Rule

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89D01.03 4 In. Brass Caliper

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16R01.10 Universal Ruler Stop (2)

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We assembled the Complete Rule Set to handle the most common measuring and layout tasks you might encounter in a normal workday. Made especially for Garrett Wade, these beautiful, precise tools represent a phenomenal value: the best British-type quality at less than half the cost. The Complete Rule Set includes a set of three precision rules, a classic 6' folding carpenter's rule, a 4" inside-outside brass caliper and a pair (2) of the precision rule stops. (Items can be purchased individually, of course ).

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Precision Rule Set
Precision Rule Set Three steel rules (6", 12" and 18") with a no-glare, satin finish. One side is etch-marked in 1/2 and 1mm gradations with red numerals every 100mm; the other side is etched in gradations to 1/64", and 1/20".
Folding Rule
6' Folding Carpenter's Rule is made of hardwood with brass plated fittings. A sliding brass insert handles inside measurements accurately. Gradations to 1/16".
Brass Caliper
4" Inside-Outside Caliper is made of solid brass and takes care of the really small stuff. Metric and Imperial.
Rule Stops
Precision Rule Stops (2) fits almost any standard-size rule to lock-down and repeat any measurement - a very useful feature for layout and for checking your work.

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