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Cutting Mat Hobby Kit
$ 39.5
We asked our technician to build the Pantheon Architectural Model so we could photograph it. As skilled as he is, it was pretty slow going until we gave him this Professional Grade Cutting Mat and Hobby Kit. Finishing the project on time, he gave all the credit to these excellent, purpose-specific tools.

The 18" x 12" non-glare Cutting Mat is 3 mm thick. Made from a unique composite vinyl material designed for both rotary blades and straight utility blades, it is reversible (black on the reverse side) and self-healing - you can cut on it all day everyday and it will not show cut lines. The printed 1/2" grid includes 45 and 60 degree guide lines, centering lines and is graduated along all 4 edges to 1/8".

Also included are a pair of craft scissors, a #1 Utility Craft Knife with 10 blades, a very handy rotary cutter and a Circle Cutting compass (with extra blade and points) that will cut a perfect circle up to 3”. We highly recommend the Cutting Mat Hobby Kit for beginners and expert modelers alike.
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