Dead Blow Hammers (2)

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Dead Blow Hammers (2)
Versatility in a "no bounce" set
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88S07.01 Dead Blow Hammers (2)

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A pair of these is great to have in any shop. We have selected these two for their versatility. One is 1/2 lb (head diameter 1") and the other is 1 lb (head diameter 1-1/2"). Both have non-marring surfaces, and the lead shot inside ensures the "no bounce" feature that makes these Dead Blow hammers.

Made In Taiwan.
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  • Deadblow

    Everett Haldiman, 12/20/2014 I have a larger deadblow hammer but these are just right for smaller jobs where a lighter blow is needed. There again, I have one on my possible bag for shooting. Thank you.
  • Essential Tools

    Virginia Glenn, 12/21/2010 Everyone with old windows in their house, especially old casements, knows the problem: they stick. Even when the painters have NOT painted them shut. This is what you need to ensure that you can safely tap them open without accidentally breaking the window. I always knew it was only a matter of time with my large rubber mallet before i missed and hit the glass instead. Now I don't have to worry. Great tools! I'm sure I'll find many other uses for them as well...
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