Decorative Raised Planter Beds
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We discovered these in Spain and instantly liked them. The more open appearance of the all-steel design and construction avoids the heavy, monolithic appearance of the usual wood alternatives.

The body is made of 1 mm thick steel and the legs are 1.2 mm. Easy to assemble (takes about 20 minutes per planter). Two sizes are available. Both are 16" wide x 39-1/2" long with interior beds that are 7-1/4" deep, with sloped center drains in place. The Shorter Planter is 26" high and the Taller versionis 33" high. The taller size is available fully galvanized or with a white powder coat. For some reason, lost in translation, the shorter planter has "Kid's" printed on it - which can be removed using WD-40.

Like all raised beds, these are easy to plant and tend. But the exceptional advantage of these is that they not only look great in the garden or on the patio, they also look terrific inside the house. (We are using some in the office to hold a variety of planted pots- and they add a lot.) Great for wheelchair gardeners & those working with kids, and a very handsome addition to an office, waiting room or lobby.

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