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Digital Hygro-Thermometer with Alert
$ 42.9
The Hygro-Thermometer is a general humidity/temperature reader that can be set on any flat surface in your home or shop to measure overall air moisture levels in your environment. It displays temperature (either C˚ or F˚) and also calculates and displays the current and average humidity over the past 24 hours. This is especially handy in places where temperatures may fluctuate during the day, such as a heated workshop. An alarm notification setting will alert you if the relative humidity exceeds 65% (indicating favorable mold conditions). Takes 2 AAA batteries (included).

If you work with wood or other water-permeable materials, or are a homeowner, you know it’s crucial to monitor moisture levels. Moisture or high humidity can promote rot and mold. and sometimes these conditions aren’t obvious. This device will help provide ongoing quality and longevity. It’s an exceptionally useful device for professionals and homeowners alike, and comes highly recommended.
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