Digital Multi-Meter With Environmental Tester

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Bestseller Digital Multi-Meter With Environmental Tester
exceptionally useful for solving household mysteries
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07S16.09 Digital Multi-Meter With Environmental Tester

Available 10/25/2016


In the workshop and around the house, there are many little technical mysteries: Is a room’s humidity excessive because that leak never properly dried out? “Is it really noisy in that front room or is it just me?” And the biggest mystery in this writer’s household – “Does the temperature in the oven really match the setting on the dial?” This multi meter and environmental tester will give you definite answers.

Its environmental test functions are: Temperature (˚C/˚F) Sound Level (dB), Light Level (Lux), and Relative Humidity (%RH). The remaining functions are standard electrical tests for voltage, amps, resistance, continuity, capacitance, duty cycle, frequency and diode function. You may not use all these test features often (some, never), but the real value is in its versatility.

There are even a few accessories included: a thermocouple (a 3' long external temperature probe for remote measurements, i.e. inside the oven), a thermometer built into the body of the tester, and a pair of 3' long electrical test leads. Instruction manual and batteries are also included. To have all these specialized test instruments in one device – at a modest cost – is a stunning opportunity.

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