DIY PipeMaster Solderer
$ 138.5

The innovative English-made PipeMaster (115V) is a great timesaver, and much, much safer than the usual open flame system. Plus, you don't have to carry all those conventional heating tools to the job - getting the job done much more efficiently. Just mount the correct heads for the pipe size on the PipeMaster (Heads for 1/2" pipe are standard).

Following the easy instructions, place the heads around the pipe close to the joint. Using pipe solder and flux (readily available locally), let the solder flow into the joint. It takes the DIY model no more than 60 seconds for the first heating, and half that time for the second. (Note: the PipeMaster gets very hot so be careful not to touch the tips until they are cool enough to handle safely.)

The Professional PipeMaster delivers almost twice the power to the tips and also has special temperature control circuitry that detects the need for additional heat and delivers it. It will, of course, work much faster than the DIY model. (The Pro model is needed to handle the largest 1" Heads.) Please note that the Pro model is now orange, not black as shown in the images.

Scroll down to see a video of the PipeMaster in use.

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