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Dosage Control Spreader
$ 59.95
Designed for both summer and winter use for home gardens, lawns, sidewalks and stairs for spot application & wide surfaces.

As well as our Swiss-made Dosage Control Spreader performs during the spring and summer spreading fertilizer and grass seed, it really comes into its own when the weather turns nasty (after all, they know a thing or two about ice and snow in Switzerland). Eliminate dangerous ice and snow build-up on your decks, sidewalks, stairs and drives quickly and efficiently, with minimal exposure to harsh materials.

Up to 10 lbs. of granules up to 4 mm (1/8) in diameter can be loaded in the attached zip closed bag and ergonomically carried over your shoulder. The variable dosage control allows you to adapt the speed of the work and the area covered using easy lateral movements. All material (fertilizer, seed, ice melt, rock salt etc.) is carried in the bag and there is no skin contact at all. And the entire mechanism can be locked shut with a trigger for transportation. We can think of many times it would have been both handy and effective.

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