Double-Barrel Dart Gun Toy Sets

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Sale Double-Barrel Dart Gun Toy Sets
Fun for the whole family
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58T01.05 Double-Barreled Rifle (includes 4 Darts)

In stock


58T01.06 Extra Darts (4)

In stock


58T01.40 Hen Target (with dart gun)

In stock

Regular Price: $97.95

Special Price $87.95

58T01.30 3 Duck Target (with dart gun)

In stock

Regular Price: $99.95

Special Price $89.95

58T01.70 6 Duck Target (with dart gun)

In stock

Regular Price: $142.80

Special Price $129.95

Hand-eye coordination is everything here. The 6" Rubber “Darts” are projected by a simple spring action from the double barrel “shotgun”. The Ducks “fly” on the rotating carousel It’s easy to set up and simple gravity provides the rotational power. A dart will travel about 15 ft before it falls to the floor.

Alternatively, shoot at the 2" wide Red Button on the Hen Board. Hitting it, releases a fake egg that falls in the cup – just like at the county fair. Needless to say, be careful that other folks are not in the path – an early lesson in gun safety for future hunters.

The Duck and Hen Sets are available individually, or with a “Dart Gun” (which includes 4 Darts). Extra Dart Guns and extra Darts are also available to make your selection as flexible as possible.

It will be hard to keep the adults away from this “training game.” It’s just a lot of group fun. Made in France.

In addition to the Three Duck training target, we also have a Six Duck version. It works exactly the same way but with double the number of targets – maybe twice as much fun if you’re good.
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