Special Counterbore Drill

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Clearance Special Counterbore Drill
An indispensible tool for hidden fasteners
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18A07.06 9/64" Drill / Counterbore

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This tool provides an accurate and consistent way to drill clean pilot holes that also have a counterbore, which you will then plug to hide the fastener. You set its non-marring depth-stop to a position that is as deep or shallow as you like, and its special O-ring will protect your work piece surface as it performs its auto-stop function. Size #1 drills a pilot for a size 12 screw, and its counterbore makes a 3/8” diameter hole. The Size #2 drills for a size 16 screw and its counterbore makes a 1/2“ diameter hole. The counterbore is flat bottomed and parallel sided. An Indispensable tool for building decks or furniture with hidden fasteners

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