Drill Doctor Model 500
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Twist drill bits are the type of bits you reach for most frequently, but a dull bit cuts slowly, can burn or cut ragged holes, and is prone to break under strain. The problem is that the complex geometry of a twist drill bit makes it nearly impossible to sharpen properly freehand.

The Drill Doctor will sharpen any twist drill bit (including split points and 135ยบ bits) from 3/32 to 1/2" in less than 60 seconds. In fact, its 15,000 rpm diamond wheel will even convert standard bits to the split point style, which is less prone to skating - similar to how a brad point works.

Correct angle and length positioning, even with small bits, is ensured. HSS, carbide, TiN and masonry bits can all be sharpened. The dual-cam system sharpens with just a few easy, controlled turns. Add the Extra Large Alignment Chuck to your order to handle drill bits up to 3/4". Drills not included.
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