Drop-Point Pocket Knife

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Bestseller Drop-Point Pocket Knife
A Sturdy, Very Handy, Small Personal Pocket Knife
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Most small knives have a "delicate" quality about them. This one is anything but. Although small (easy to always have with you) with a 2-1/8" single blade, it's aluminum body makes it light and the liner-lock blade control is simple. And the wider body (for its length) means that the blade can be unusually wide too - making it exceptionally sturdy. We love it. We are very confident you will too. It has the Garrett Wade logo on the side.

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Overall Rating
  • Great Knife!!!

    B. Tompkins, 10/4/2015 These Drop-Point pocket knives are spectacularly well made and a joy to hold and look at. I wanted a special "extra" Christmas gift for my four sons and these fill the bill perfectly.
  • Small But Handy

    Missouri, 9/27/2015 Stout sturdy blade for a small knife.
  • Pocket Knife

    Patty Sanders, 9/25/2015 Sturdy little knife and very easy to work with. I like that it has a heavy duty metal casing instead of plastic.
  • Nice Little Knife

    Dave Spearing, 9/1/2015 Great little pocket knife. Good looking and sharp little blade.
  • Pocket Knife

    Jeff, 8/25/2015 Great little pocket knife. Well built nice little size.
  • Quality Knife

    Steve, 8/12/2015 Quality knife, although a little large to be called a pocket knife". Great design with the locking blade."
  • Compact Pocket Knife

    E.Younken, 8/10/2015 Compact and very good quality pocket knife. Very sharp. I like that you can take it apart to clean it.
  • Sleek Go To Tool

    John, 8/8/2015 This little knife bears Garrett Wade name on it and it certainly is an example of the quality tools that Garrett Wade sells. I received this knife as a gift with purchase and is certainly worth the posted $15,00 value. On my keychain I use this beauty all the time. Certainly a great gift or worthwhile purchase. Thanks>>>JWM
  • Nice Knife - Great Price

    Henry W., 7/27/2015 Knife is nice... had one from 10yrs ago and paid more than this (free) one. Only fault is 'no locking mechanism when the blade is closed'. I ruined a lot of pant pockets because the blade would slide open an poke my pocket & leg!
  • Pocket Knife

    Jon, 7/15/2015 This is a cool little pocket knife. Very useful.
  • Great Little Knife

    Dick, 6/26/2015 This was a freebie with my order so my expectations were limited, however I was very impressed. This is a great little knife for a day to day all purpose pocket knife. It's heft is substantial for it's size and it's function works perfectly with one hand.
  • Drop-Point Pocket Knife

    Bill, 5/28/2015 This is nice handy dandy pocket knife. I have used in my garden for all sorts of little jobs. Handsome metal knife just looks and feels right. Garret Wade offered this for free on my next order. What a deal! Thanks GW! As a new customer I am pleased to see all the high quality garden tools and products available.
  • Neat Little Knife

    Erick, 12/28/2014 Added bonus to my order, solid knife!
  • Stunning

    Paul Goshko, 12/8/2014 Smart, handy, attractive, well made, and most of all-sharp!
  • A Dandy Knife

    Caryn Atwood, 11/15/2014 This is a fine, sturdy, solid little knife. It has a good heft to it. I'm pleased.
  • Small Drop Point Pocket Knife

    W. Priddy, 10/4/2014 Good,small knife,for pocket carry,. Heavy built for shop knife.
  • Great! (just-in-case)

    Bruce Bitterman, 9/11/2014 Highest quality for a church knife.
  • Neat Pocket Knife

    Quentin, 8/22/2014 Here is a very neat little pocket knife, made only of stainless steel, and not too heavy. It has a fat strong blade that is unlikely to break without some real force. The only downside is that the blade does not snap shut. It is sharp and dangerous-looking point, which could remain slightly open in the pocket. So one might take care. It does have a good quality feel to it.
  • High Quality Knife

    Ronald, 7/31/2014 The pocket Knife is sturdy and very well made, Nice sharp edge. Solid steel blade. Almost too nice to use :)
  • Gorgeous

    Arthur Cohen, 7/20/2014 If it's possible to call a knife gorgeous, this is it. The finish is so beautiful, in your hand it feels rubbing a worry-stone. Small and sturdy, it's easy to carry and a delight to use.
  • Great Pocket Knife

    George Richards MD, 3/1/2014 I'm an ex boy scout and retired surgeon. I gave one of these to each of the guys in our family this past Xmas having engraved their name on it. I always have one with me and keep one for backup. It keeps a good edge for stainless.
  • Broke

    Anna, 2/16/2014 Hardly ever used it until today and it broke! The `rivet` (I am guessing this is what it is called) came out. Have no idea what to replace it with. Went to use it to cut a very small plastic tag that was holding floor mats together. It still looks new and I've never abused it. I bought three of these about 4 to 5 years ago as Christmas gifts. Each one has broken the same way. Anna

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Drop Point Pocket Knife. We are sorry you received a defective knife. Another is on its way to you.
  • Free Knife

    Lee Hockman, 2/12/2014 To be honest, I was not expecting much from a free knife, but I was actually surprised at the quality of the piece. I came to me very sharp, and all I did was dress the edge a little with the Garrett Wade 1200 grit diamond paddle hone and it is now scary sharp." It is easy to open with one hand and with the lock you don't have to worry about it accidentally closing. I have now retired my daily pocket knife after over 50 years for a well-deserved rest and will carry this one with me, hopefully for the next 50 years...I just have to learn how to live to the ripe old age of 115!"
  • Sharp Knife

    Regis Koslofsky, 1/29/2014 Your first look is that this is a Toy Knife ". In fact it is a very useful working tool. Very handy for opening mail or packages,large or small. Useful for precise cutting on all materials.The thick grip and large blade are handy for all types of cutting materials A handy feature is the size of the knife, perfect for the watch pocket on your pants. Not a toy, a useful tool. "
  • Free Gift

    Ralph, 1/28/2014 Received with my order as a free gift. Nice little knife.
  • Handy Little Knife

    Dave, 1/26/2014 Got this as a freebie from my first Garrett Wade order. It's a nice little knife, very sharp. I've got a bunch of pocket knives, but this is the one I keep handy at the bench for cuttin' cardboard, tape, and all those little jobs a knife is handy for. The ball chain that come with it is a nice touch.
  • A Great Gift.

    Martin Sorin, 1/13/2014 What a great gift from Garrett Wade! Sharp and stays open due to a clever latch. Small but sturdy.
  • Size

    Ray, 1/6/2014 It fits comfortably in my hand and pocket. Although I've not had it long, it seems to retain its sharp edge.
  • Nice Knife

    Jim, 12/20/2013 This is a nice little knife for having handy. Beautifully constructed, durable, and compact.
  • High Quality

    Ray Gendreau, 12/9/2013 Very high quality item in construction, design and sharpness.
  • Perfect Size

    Deborah Greenhalgh, 9/22/2013 This will fit perfectly on his key ring...he won't be leaving home without it!
  • Great Gift

    JB, 8/14/2013 This was a great gift item that is handy for everything. Really good quality, looks nice, & fits great in pocket. Certainly gained a new customer with overall quality of my 1st order. Thank you.
  • Snug In The Palm of My Hand

    Maggie, 7/17/2013 This sturdy, functional pocket knife fits right into the palm of your hand and can do anything any other pocket knife can do. You will never have to search for another to suit your needs. I named mine 'Garrett and I take him with me everywhere I go."
  • Well Made

    Scott, 4/25/2013 Well made knife. Exactly right size for your pocket. Blade easy to hone and holds edge well. Very strong
  • Best Pocket Knife

    Fotoburger, 4/7/2013 I love this little knife. It's not like a small pocket knife. The stubby blade is stronger than the usual narrow blade. It sits in my pocket at all times, and is great for opening boxes, general cutting duties, etc. It is easier to handle than a small pocket knife usually is. Not the sharpest blade around (it's stainless steel) but good enough for most general purposes without taking up a lot of room in my pocket.
  • adequate

    Claude C. Noyes, 3/24/2013 sturdy
  • Drop Point Knife

    Leighton, 3/10/2013 Not a fancy knife but a good handy small knife for pocket, tool box or shop. It is light and seems solid and well made. The aluminum grip is a little slick, especially if your hands are wet or oily. Otherwise a good knife to have.
  • Drop Point Pocket Knife Review

    James Shellabarger, 2/17/2013 Good looking knife, handy pocket size, lock back blade. Now it has a good home.
  • Drop-Point Pocket Knife

    Fred, 1/2/2013 Works as advertised. Maintains an edge. One-hand operation.
  • Knife

    Sherri, 1/1/2013 Good
  • Epitome of useful

    Kyle, 2/23/2012 Size clearly doesn't matter when it comes to this astounding piece of portable cutlery. A notably well sharpened one-sided edge that packs one heck of a punch. I found myself immediately putting this tool to work in more ways than can be imagined. Shear your apples in a matter of minutes, and cut off any loose thread on your clothing without even a bat of the eye. It's portability speaks for itself to serve any odd job that you might happen upon. And to top it off it's design gives you an astounding balance and grip. A must have article to keep on your person.
  • Best Small Knife

    Kenneth Hutchings, 2/8/2012 The Drop-Point Pocket Knife received in our order on 1/26/2012 is about the coolest small knife my wife and I have received. We sharpened it and and are using it. We think it will make a nice addition to our 4-wheeler's tool box. Thank you very much.
  • Pocket Knife

    Jim Darrah, 1/1/2011 Was a very nice knife, but after I received it, I realized it was too fat" and I didn't want to carry it around in my pocket, so I returned it for a refund."
  • lil' cutter

    ben, 12/13/2010 There are times when you need to carry a smaller knife, but still have ability to get'er done". this one serves that purpose."
  • great knife

    Gloria Barker, 12/6/2010 This knife will be easy to carry in a pocket, has a nice weight and very usable on a daily basis.
  • Baby Wade Blade

    donna robbins, 11/30/2010 Small but mighty, this blade keeps a sharp edge and when it needs sharpening can be brought back to razor edge. Love it!
  • Pleasant surprise

    Barbara Carney, 11/28/2010 this was a free gift for my purchase
  • Nice

    bodisafa, 11/27/2010 very nice, sharp, well crafted knife good attention to detail and fast shipping.
  • Perfect smooth pocket knife

    Stan Hash, 11/17/2010 While accurately listed as a terrific pocket knife, one thing was missed: it has a smooth feel due to its shape and simply seems happy in your pocket. The blade is sharp; be careful.
  • Great every day knife

    Terry, 5/20/2010 Very sturdy for the money, has become my every day companion.
  • the best dam knife

    tim ferrell, 5/20/2010 This little number is the most useful, often used, always carried knife I have ever owned. Well made and easy to operate, handy for everything. If you only have one knife, this could be it.
  • Very Sturdy

    Terry, 5/3/2010 Great little knife for the price, just right for every day use.
  • Nice Little Knife

    Buddy George, 4/15/2010 Nice Knife for the money
  • Excellent

    Holly Jo, 12/12/2009 I purchased these for my 5 brothers-in-law for Christmas. I am positive they will love them. Made well and attractive. Awesome!!
  • Superb" is right"

    Arktos, 10/3/2009 The superb" in the name is no exaggeration: this knife is constructed of high quality materials, feels solid and well-balanced in the hand, has -- unlike most small knives -- a locking blade, and disposes of even clamshell plastic containers with ease. A brilliant design handsomely executed. "
  • might nini

    frank, 8/26/2009 I bought this knife 18 years ago and it served me well in all everyday situations.
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