Dual Line Digital Watering Timer

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Dual Line Digital Watering Timer
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76C01.14 Dual Line Digital Watering Timer

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This well thought out Italian designed watering timer can handle two hose lines at a time - with water flowing either singly or simultaneously. Connection to the faucet is by a standard Garden Hose Thread (GHT) female connector. Up to three independent cycles can be set for both lines. Watering times of 1 to 90 minutes, with start times of every 8, 12 or 24 hours, or every 2, 3, 5 or 7 days can be programmed - a total of 98 options for each line with immediate or delayed start. In addition, a 5 minute manual watering function can be turned on without interfering with any preset programs.

Operates all season on two fresh AA batteries. The LED display screen is backlit for easy reading. The Dual Timer will swivel when attached to the faucet and the electronics are fully insulated against all water and weather. A large operating pressure range goes from low of 7.5 psi to 174 psi.

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  • Amazing Italian Product

    Stephanie Da Costa, 8/16/2016 Wow! Im amazed by this amazing italian product ! Works like a charm ! The timer is very precise, been 1 week i'm using it and had no issue with it. Built solid and im sure will last lifetime... Thanks Garett
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