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Visually stunning and very useful on your bench
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Made by the same craftsmen that make the 3-1/4" Ebony Trim Planes, this larger Ebony-bodied tool is an astonishingly useful plane. Its 5" x 2" wide flat sole has a removable 3/4" wide fence attached in place on the sole to allow the user to cut chamfers easily (both 45° and 60°) and very fast on the edge of long pieces. The width of the chamfer (which can be up to 7/8") may be accurately controlled by clamping a stop along the top surface. We like chamfers because even a small chamfer "relieves" a hard 90° edge both visually and to the touch.

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  • Nice Quality Tool

    Hughtron, 12/12/2013 I wanted for some time now a tool that would give me a nice chamfer with out having to resort to the router table. I have nice block plan, but I wanted something that would give me the precise angle that I wouldn't have to guess at. This plane has a really nice solid heft to it with the inertia that makes precise cutting a breeze. A real gem to look at too. Very sweet tool!
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