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Ecofan GS (Gas Stoves)
$ 179.95
The Ecofan GS is designed to be used on freestanding gas stoves with a surface temperature between 150°F and 300°F. Like our popular Wood Stove Fans, the Ecofan GS is an economical and totally green solution to making your home warmer and more comfortable. It has no extra running costs because it generates its own electricity with a thermoelectric module.

Simply position the Ecofan on your stove top. It starts automatically and self-adjusts its speed with the surface temperature to begin circulating warm air around the room up to 105 cubic feet a minute. Take note - that’s air which you’re already paying to heat doing a far more efficient, whisper quite job with the Ecofan GS. It’s almost like magic.

For living off the grid in greater comfort while reducing your carbon footprint, there’s nothing like the Caframo Ecofan. Its overall dimensions are W6-1/2'' x D 2-1/5'' x H 6'', and it weighs 2 lbs. Made in Canada, the Ecofan GS comes completely assembled.
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