Electrical Troubleshooting Kit

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Electrical Troubleshooting Kit
Empowers the homeowner to solve electrical mysteries
Preempt disasters & saves money
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07S16.02 Electrical Troubleshooting Kit

Available 08/02/2016


Every home develops electrical problems from time to time. It's inevitable. Sometimes it's easy to diagnose and fix: bad circuit breaker or frayed lamp cord. But other times it is a puzzler. We have put together a simple kit of the types of testing tools that pros use to help figure it all out:

1. A Transmitter/Tester that, when plugged into an outlet, will tell you if it is wired properly and safely grounded (Including GFI water sensing outlets).

2. A Circuit Breaker Finder that communicates with the transmitter (above) to pinpoint which breaker controls that outlet.(No more yelling from room to room!)

3. A Continuity Tester/Wire Tracer to test any cords (electrical, speaker wires, device cords, etc.) to check whether there is a break somewhere in the wire. Also used to trace the matching ends of cables that often get mixed up going through walls.

4. An AC Voltage Detector to confirm that an outlet wire has current flowing through it.

This kit turns you into an empowered homeowner allowing you to be confident about the nature of the problem so you can decide to tackle it or call someone in. It comes in a neat storage pouch, with clear directions and batteries.

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