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A compact tool for the working electrician
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65A01.04 Electrician Multi-Tool

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Based on the handle-frame of the Standard Multi-Tool, instead of the usual pliers-type jaws this is fitted with closed-grip tips and a series of wire stripping gates for standard electrical work. All 7 accessories packing in the handle of the Standard Jaws also come with this model. This is a great specialist tool, well made with a lifetime guarantee for a lifetime of use. All stainless steel.

Made in the USA.

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  • Electrician Multi-Tool

    Edy, 1/11/2014 Good
  • Disappointing

    Aaron, 12/15/2011 My job involves a lot of low voltage work so I got this to replace my Leatherman and stripping tool. I just received it and it's not as nice as it looks. When you have the tool in the plier position the jaws barely open wide enough to get a wire into the strippers and at the wire cutting portion there is no separation. One of the handles 'breaks away' when trying to open the jaws. I tried to tighten the screws that place the tension between the handle and the jaws but it didn't help. The levers to unlock the tools in the handles also stick out when the tool is folded up -- making it a pain to put in your pocket. The included belt case is a little on the cheap side. Great tool that is needed but the engineering on this one needs some work compared to a Leatherman or Gerber.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    You may have received a defective item. Bear Tools has a lifetime warranty on this tool. You may call them directly at 847-991- 2169 for a free replacement. Or you may return the tool to us for the replacement or full refund.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience.
  • JUNK

    Sunnah, 11/5/2011 For $59.95 this tool is not worth the price. The jaws tend to cross over and jam when stripping wires,the spacers in the handle used to separate the accessories wear uneven causing the tool to become flimsy. Using an uninsulated tool like this is dangerous for electrical work.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your input, Sunnah. The Electrician's Multi-Tool is made by a very fine US firm, and we have sold many to generally good response. However, your comments are quite reasonable and we have forwarded them to Bear & Sons for review. As far as the cross over jaws, you may have received a damaged tool. We will, of course be happy to offer you a replacement, or you may use the merchandise return label to return the tool for a full refund. Best regards, GW
  • This tool is a cut above!

    Stephen Ortado, 12/29/2010 I bought this tool for my son's electrical toolkit. He frequently is working aloft"on installations and I thought that this would be very handy to have in his pocket, just in case. I couldn't decide which might be better, the multi-tool or the electrician's knife, so I bought both. Now his back-up has a back-up. They both are excellent tools and will be used everyday."
  • Electricans Pocket Tool

    Robert, 11/26/2010 I found this tool to be of great help when you need a tool close at hand when needed for those quick electrical repairs.
  • disappointing

    R Miller, 11/10/2010 The first one I bought worked well but the jaws sprung a bit over a few months and would not grip or strip wire as well. Called customer service and was instantly sent a new one. On opening it up the jaws did not work at all. Will now be sending this back for a third one. Not as well made as it looked.
  • Back to the drawing board for Bear

    DCampilii, 10/11/2010 Looked like it would be handy, but a number of flaws make it not too useful 1) The wire strippers successfully remove the nylon sheath and the underlying insulation on modern NMB wire. Unfortunately, the strippers on the one I purchased badly nicked the copper conductors, which could lead to future hot spots or broken wires. A fatal flaw. 2) The wire cutters have a very narrow opening. It takes 2 cuts to cut through an insulated #12 wire, and an insulated #10 wire won't fit. 3) The serrated knife blades are scary-sharp on this tool, and the serrations are too aggressive if you're trying to skin insulation. It would have been better to have one knife blade serrated, and one blade plain-edged. 4) While the blade locks do work, the extended handles on them are clumsy and obtrusive. Overall disappointing. I'd say Back to the drawing board for Bear" on this one. "
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