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45A07.02 Double-Ding Brass Bell

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If you are a traditional kind of person and a bike riding enthusiast, it's hard to imagine these not being appealing. The Vintage Brass Bell mounts to your handle bar and a flip of a finger or thumb against the spring loaded steel striker produces a crisp, loud "safety" ping that is recognizable the world over.

The Double-Ding model is more modern in design, is mounted to a sturdy plastic frame for attachment and can be rotated on the handle-bar for best position. It is rung by flipping a finger against either of two brass ringers alongside the brass dome. The safety ping is not quite as loud but can be repeated more quickly. The sound of either will produce a warm feeling in your heart.


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Overall Rating
  • double ding bell

    tom cahal, 6/13/2017 love it and its sound though this bell is attached to handle bars with a plastic claspwhere the other bell uses metal will see which holds up longer... still fun
  • brass bicycle bells

    tom cahal, 6/13/2017 love em and the sound
  • A superb ding ding!

    S. B. Sweeney, 6/9/2017 My 92-year-old husband has a wonderful battery-powered folding 3-wheel scooter he uses to go up the block to the cluster mailbox when the weather is OK. This bell is the perfect addition to his cleverly engineered scooter. While traffic is not high on our street, this gadget is a merry accessory to delight him on his way and back. Neighbors watch out for him; now he can signal his "thanks" back to them. Great nostalgic gift!
  • Dingggggggggggggggg

    Jay, 5/28/2017 Clear sound that demands attention and looks great (& elegant).
  • An angels gets its wings

    Mark Petti, 1/30/2017 High quality. A clear, fun sound. I got it for my wife's bike but the kids love it too.
  • Nice Bell

    Timothy Mann, 12/20/2016 This is a good looking bell with a nice clear ring.
  • Two Bells Twice the Fun

    Jim Trocki, 5/20/2016 I have two mobility assistance devices. I bought both the Vintage Brass Bell and the Double-Ding Bell. They each provide "crowd clearance" and generate comments. I remember those and what is that?
  • Brass Bicycle Bell

    George Shinners, 5/16/2016 I ring this bell just to hear its amazing sound - "clear as a bell" the sound carries well in front of my bike - nothing like it that I'm aware of. Good looking too.
  • Exactly as advertised

    Roy Ringel, 4/5/2016 This traditional (Vintage) bell really lets folks know that you're coming, which is what it's for, after all. On top of that, it looks good.
  • Rang my bell

    Jill Cogburn, 3/31/2016 I love this bell! The sound is clear as a bell! Wonderful product
  • It Was A Hit

    Thomas Tilson, 6/23/2015 This was a hit!, and a gift. Double score!! It was placed on an orthopedic scooter. Now she can warn that she is coming to those ahead!! This is such a nice bell and everyone thought it is a great gift!!
  • Perfect!

    Glenn R. Zeringue, 6/9/2015 Fits my restored 1955 Schwinn Phantom perfectly. Couldn't be happier with the quality and sound.
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