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Emergency Flood Barriers + Sandless Sandbags
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Protect your home and property from dangerous storms and flooding. Be prepared in advance to respond quickly and effectively in an emergency. And above all, avoid panic and exhaustion if you’re in a flood. Now you can check-off all three from your to-do list with a completely new, high-tech alternative to heavy sand-filled bags & plastic sheeting.

Emergency Flood Barriers and Sandless Sandbags contain a non-toxic, non-hazardous, super-absorbent polymer that turns to gel when exposed to water. The bags swell and expand to effectively divert water from doorways, basements, and driveways. Barriers and bags can be stacked to increase barrier height, and can be left in position for long term protection (eventually they will naturally decompose). The barriers and bags are reusable and will last several months. Most conveniently, before activation they are lightweight & compact – an arm load can be carried by one person with no problem - which allows having on hand everything you need before disaster hits.

Flood Barriers come 2 bags to a package. Each bag absorbs 3 gallons of water and expands to a 6” x 5’ stackable barrier. Flood Barriers are recommended for light flooding & water control. Sandless Sandbags come in a 6-bag pack. Each bag expands to 12” x 24” x 3”. They can be stacked into a retaining wall in just minutes, and are recommended for medium flooding conditions. The Barriers and Bags are not recommended for salt water flooding.
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