Emergency Water Leak Alarm

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Clearance Emergency Water Leak Alarm
well designed with a remote warning receiver
Add up to 4 sensors for coverage in different water-risk zones
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Leaks and flooding often take place in remote areas of the house (e.g. the basement) which may not be as frequently visited. Our Emergency Water Leak Alarm helps counter any risk from unnoticed or out-of-sight leaks by delivering a sharp audible alert at the first detection of water by its remote sensors and thereby allowing a quick response to avert or minimize serious damage.

The actual water sensor is at the end of the 2 ft wire attached to the Transmitter/Sensor unit. The Receiver unit (the device that actually sounds the loud alarm) can be as far as 120 ft from the Transmitter. (For example, the Transmitter can be in the basement and the Receiver in a distant upstairs bedroom or hall.) In addition, the Receiver can receive input from up to 4 separate Transmitter/Sensors, allowing coverage in 4 different water-risk zones, each with a flashing indicator light on the receiver to identify at a glance the location of the trouble.

The Standard Assembly includes one Transmitter/Sensor with a 9V battery and one Receiver with an AC adapter for power. Additional Transmitter/Sensors can be added to satisfy your special needs (batteries are not included with additional sensors). This is a well-designed, adaptable system which could pay for itself many times over if it spares you the damage that can occur from even a small leak. We highly recommend it.

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