Ergonomic Veneer/Laminate Roller
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To attach wide laminates and veneers to a substrate reliably (think a table or counter top), you need to achieve a reliable, consistent bond with zero gaps or voids. The usual hard rubber or steel roller is attached to a handle and works fine, but the process is hard on the forearm and wrist.

The ingenious Ergonomic Veneer Roller is made with a maple body carefully contoured to fit your hand and allow natural arm motion to easily apply high pressure to the roller itself as it moves across the veneer, squeezing out the glue and ensuring that every square inch is firmly attached. Steel end caps and delrin bushings fitted to the 3-1/2 long 3/4" diameter hard rubber roller with a steel core complete the tool. This is an excellent specific purpose tool made here in the USA. We highly recommend it.

Our proprietary Slo-Set Glue has been a woodworker’s favorite for decades.
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