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Clearance European Bottle Brushes
Clean unreachable places
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45A03.28 2" x 16-1/2" Bottle Brush

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Regular Price: $11.95

Special Price $5.00

45A03.29 3" x 20" Bottle Brush

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Regular Price: $13.75

Special Price $7.00

45A03.40 Both Size Brushes

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Regular Price: $25.70

Special Price $10.00

Washing deep narrow beverage glasses and shop or lab containers is very difficult - sometimes impossible. The solution is a purpose specific "bottle brush". It's nearly impossible to find well-made ones like these anymore. The "whisk" bristles at the very end ensure that the very bottom can be reached and the wide bristles do a fine job on the sides going down. The size is the width of the bristles and the length is the total length of the tool, including the wire handle. (Although 2 or 3" wide, either size will naturally collapse down to about 1/2" in diameter for the narrowest of openings.)
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  • Grandma Gayle

    Gayle Gardner, 4/22/2017 I have bought and tried to use many, many brushes to clean out the space below my clothes dryer screen. Until I found these brushes I was about ready to give up trying. But these and my hose attachment to the vacuum have removed almost all of the lint and other debris... VICTORY AT LAST!
  • What I needed.

    Fernando Delgado, 3/31/2017 Well made. Could be made to fit better at intersection of side and bottom of bottle. Better than a sponge type brush.
  • Won't fit where it is used

    Frances, 5/4/2016 My initial reaction is that it is too long. I hung it with my brooms . There wasn't room at the sink.
  • European Bottle Brushes

    Paul Sexauer, 4/8/2016 They're great for cleaning those long and narrow or hourglass shaped bottles. The brushes at the end make cleaning the bottom of the bottles easy, although they limit somewhat how clean the sides of the bottom of the bottle get. Overall, still a great product.
  • Quality vs. size

    DS Henkel, 3/4/2016 The quality of the brushes is excellent, but their size is too big.
  • Good basic bottle brushes

    Gregory Mead, 3/3/2016 A good set. The only problem with it is that if you're actually using them to clean the inside of a bottle, there's a significant distance between the sideways bristles and the bristles at the end of the brush, so it's difficult to get to the walls at the end of the bottle.
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