Exceptionally Good Coir Doormats

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Bestseller Exceptionally Good Coir Doormats
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Even caked-on clay is no match
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66C01.02 Medium Flat Coir Mat

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66C01.03 Large Flat Coir Mat

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66C01.01 Shoe-Size Coir Mat

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66C01.05 Rubber Non-Slip Feet (4)

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These are a bit off center to be considered tools, but we couldn't resist them - because they are clearly so superior. (If you think we're crazy to present them to you, please do let us know. If not, vote on the positive side and order one, which will encourage us.)

Coir (the interior fibers harvested from fully ripe coconut husks) is a familiar material for doormats, but what you can typically find are not like these at all. Coir is tough and water resistant (it's one of the few natural fibers resistant to damage by salt water). Typically, the coir fibers are processed to make them softer - therefore kinder to bare feet. But this process takes some of the properties of toughness, durability and abrasion resistance away. The coir in our mats is deliberately left elastic enough to twist without breaking and to hold a curl.

Machine woven in long, thick strands 1-1/4" in diameter and tied together by loops of stainless steel wire to make a generously open mesh pattern, these mats are of a quality rarely seen - even in very upmarket stores. The soles of your shoes will love them. Water, dirt and debris falls naturally through the mesh. The mat can be picked up at any time and shaken to be cleaned or blasted with a stream of water from a hose.

Our mats come in three styles. The Flat Doormat come in two sizes: Large 29 x 19 x 1-1/4" thick, and Medium 23 x 17-1/2 x 1-1/4" thick. The smaller Shoe-Size mat is 13" x 12" x 2-1/2" thick. It excels at cleaning the sides of very dirty boots - as you can see. Buy our set of rubber feet for your Coir mat - one to a corner - to prevent any slippage of it on a hard surface.

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  • It's a life saver!

    Sharon Taylor, 5/15/2016 Until I received your doormat, I had to keep a steel brush outside my front door to get my shoes clean enough to enter the house. At 74 years old, it's hard to bend over, hold your foot steady, and brush. Now your mat does the job, and it's wonderful. I wouldn't do without it.
  • OK

    Robert Weitzel, 5/10/2016 Thought these would be of a higher quality for the price. OK but would not order again.
  • Exceptionally good - An apt description

    Sue, 5/9/2016 These doormats are wonderful. They are hard wearing and long lasting. I have had them for years. Rain or snow, they are still in good shape. Because of the open design and coir material, the deck or concrete surface doesn't remain wet after a rain. I recently had to buy two more as a gift.
  • Good Matt

    TP, 5/9/2016 Does the job, gets the heavy stuff off.
  • Great Product

    Garrett, 5/6/2016 I ordered 2 of these and so far, they're great! They clean the dirt of of your shoes well. 1 downside is that the metal in them is hard on bare feet.
  • Good enough to steal.

    David, 4/9/2016 *I've used these mats before and love them. Nothing cleans shoes and boots
    better. My old ones were stolen right off my porch. When I leave my hunting trailer
    now, I lock them inside.
  • Shoe mat

    Jackie Davidson, 4/3/2016 Excellent shoe scraper for garden dirt.
  • Coir Mat

    Jackie Davidson, 4/3/2016 Makes a huge difference in keeping the garden and chicken coop dirt outside of the house.
  • Coir Doormats

    Joe M. Eldridge, 3/5/2016 Good mat, very sturdy and well made. Moves around a lot on the concrete porch. Suggest adding some rubber corner "feet" to reduce the tendency to move.
  • RFA

    Robert Adams, 3/4/2016 Just got all new floors in our house. This makes my life eaiser and my wife happy. Works great for removing all dirt from my shoes.
  • At first sight, a little disappointed

    Michael, 3/3/2016 the mat seems to work, it looked better in the catalog picture, we'll see about the durability factor....
  • Well made door mat at a good price

    Nate, 3/3/2016 These mats do a great job of scrubbing the mud and dirt off your boots. The fact that the dirt drops through the mat rather than grinds into it. Only complaint is that the mat does slide around since it's so light and doesn't have any grip, but it still works fine. Wouldn't recommend the rubber feet they sell with this, they don't help.
  • Cleans off the Bottom and the Sides TOO!

    WV1800es, 3/3/2016 These boot cleaners are the real deal. In this 'winter' we wound up with more mud than snow. Going out to tend the chickens ends up a lot cleaner job, when you've got the shoe-sized coir mat. I'm a size 13, and she's a size 5, but both get cleaned off real well with this mat. It comes up on the sides, and even cleans out the grooves by the sole.
  • Great Quality Mats

    Bernadette, 3/3/2016 These mats are just great for the front door and the larger ones are at the patio doors. They trap the sand perfectly and look great at all times.
  • Still Making Them Like They Used To...

    Lux, 9/28/2015 These are just the traditional mat we've all used before, made without ant corner-cutting and sold at a fair price. I don't quite understand the reviewers who are finding them unstable. Sure, you can't step on them and expect them to be as solid as a porch or deck surface, but hey, that's because they're not made of wood. I also got a few sets of the rubber "feet" and can not recommend them. They are pretty chintzy and don't really have any stabilizing effect. I might try putting all three sets of feet on one mat, that might work. I'm very happy with the mats themselves, though.
  • Sturdy and Reliable

    Lee, 8/22/2015 These are much stronger than I expected! The corner pieces come in handy if you place them on a smooth surface.
  • Thick and Unstable

    Rar, 6/7/2015 This door mat is thick and on a wood deck moves about every time we step on it. Must think about where your feet are and keeping your balance every time you use it. Constantly moves out of place. Door mats are not brain surgery. I will replace these with ones that stay in place and do not present a danger to balance. Who wants a door mat with a mind of its own? Cleans shoes well but so will a putty knife.
  • Good For The Sole.

    John Gallatin, 3/15/2015 These mats are hard to find, and when I saw the mat and the price in your catalog, I couldn't resist. I should have purchased two of the large size. The quality is excellent, and we shall see how the mat holds up to our Colorado winters.
  • Excellent Shoe Cleaner

    Bill, 3/13/2015 As advertised, very well made and will last a long time. These are meant for abuse, so may not be needed as a front door mat. But an active back door or mud room entry, Yes! Good job finding that quality Garrett!
  • Best Front Door Mat

    Kenny Drost, 2/12/2015 These mats don't absorb water so they stay dry even when the porch is completely wet. A dry island to stand on. They are light and don't take forever to dry like my old mats. I bought one and then got two more for my other doors.
  • Clean Shoes Make for Happy Living

    Official, 12/27/2014 The shoe mat is great and cleans shoes and boots with ease and the debris falls through the mat so that it does not get on shoes of others behind you.
  • Excellent quality BUT

    Jon, 12/11/2014 This coir mat is exceptionally well made and works perfectly. However, it is too small. I would order two more (for back and side entrances to my home) if the large size were 40 inches x 24 inches. Front doors are usually 36 inches wide so this 24-inch wide mat is just too small. PLEASE, persuade the manufacturer that the large" size needs to be large!"
  • Good Shoe Scrapers

    Loudy, 11/22/2014 The Coir Mats are great for removing dirt/mud/dog-do, etc. from footwear. However, they are quite thick and could cause a fall. Based on their great construction, I expect they will last for some time.
  • Effective Mud Remover

    Marie, 3/1/2014 I got the mat designed for 3 sided shoe scraping and wish I'd had one of these sooner! It has already proven to do a great job at removing the red clay from my garden shoes and has even done duty removing snow and ice from my boots. I love that the side walls get the sides of the shoes also, so I no longer worry about tracking mud through indoor spaces. Thanks for a great product!
  • Excellent Quality Excellent Service

    Maryfrances Phillippi, 12/8/2013 Do not have additional comments. I would recommend GW.
  • Works Great

    Rosemary Kuhlman, 12/1/2013 This mat matches a boot scraping mat we bought a few months ago. Together they REALLY clean our boots and shoes.
  • Be Careful Where You Place It

    Stephen F, 2/21/2013 Beautifully made and of excellent quality but be careful where you put it. These mats lack any kind of grippers, as rubber mats have, to hold them in place, which can be a serious problem on wooden deck surfaces. We placed the mat on the deck outside our kitchen door and when my wife stepped down onto it the mat flew out from under her, sending her to the emergency room with badly torn ligaments and a great deal of pain. The boot scraper mat also slips easily.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for taking the time to review the Flat Coir Mat. We would also like to apologize that your wife suffered an injury from it.  We are considering adding a word of warning in our website description.  Again, we are very sorry that this happened.
  • Coir Door Mats

    Edward Hunsaker, 1/22/2013 My wife and I have looked for a type of mat that we could use at our cabin and our home that would clean the mud from our shoes with very little effort. These mats have served their purpose very well, we have been unable to find a mat at any of the Home stores that can come close to doing as good a job as these mats have done for us.
  • Eat Mud

    Nik Cecere, 1/9/2013 In New Mexico they build houses out of it because it sticks together so well: adobe mud. Sticks to your shoes pretty good, too. Coir mats scrap the semi-liquid rock off in a flash!

    Mims, 11/27/2012 I Purchased the small shoe size from another great seller, but I can promise you that your work boots, snow boots, sneakers, garden shoes etc. get CLEAN.... No more leaves and mud under the kitchen table! Stays put, 3years outside my door, wind, rain, snow, ice...still looks great and still does the job. Purchasing large mat to put outside garage door and another to put at front door.
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