Exterior & Interior Thread Restorers

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Sale Exterior & Interior Thread Restorers
Works with any thread size, any pitch - really saves the day
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05S21.01 Internal Thread Restorer

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05S21.02 External Thread Restorer

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05S21.10 Both Thread Restorers

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Messed up threads are no longer a problem, and you don't need a box of expensive taps or dies to fix them. These Thread Restorers work on any type of threading - inch, metric, odd British threads, even left hand threads. The special cutter follows the original pitch exactly, cutting and reforming as it goes. You don't have to guess what you've got. Just fix it.

These will handle almost all "regular" needs of the weekend mechanic. The External Thread Restorer (yellow case) will handle any bolt 5/32 to 1/2" in diameter. The Internal Thread Restorer (orange case) will handle any size from 5/16 to 7/16" (8-11 mm).

Made in Israel.

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  • great thread saver!

    spshlk, 4/16/2009 The outside thread restorer has saved the day when I've had a bolt for an antique I was restoring and wanted to use the old" one again, rather than a new one. What a great way to not have to search for just the right replacement!!!"
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