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Extra Heavy Duty Screwdriver Set
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Extra Heavy Duty Screwdriver Set

Historically the most rugged wood-grip screwdrivers in the world
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05R01.03 Extra H.D. Screwdriver Set
In Stock $33.90  
05R01.30 Extra H.D. Screwdriver Set (2)
In Stock $67.80 $54.95  
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These heavy-duty tools have an unusual history. Made in the USA for many decades, they were standard equipment in all US Army tanks, but disappeared from the market over 20 years ago. Now we have found them again.

You can do absolutely anything with these tools - turn, pry, excavate, pound - whatever you can come up with. The four are 6, 8, 10 and 12". Solid forged steel from tip to top with rugged lacquered wooden grips - not very pretty, but then again you don't have to "baby" them. Imported.

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Overall Rating :4.5 
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3  - 
Not Quite
Reviewed By:   (Enfield, CT) 
The handles are not lacquered as described. They are rough and fit poorly. Too bad as I have been looking at these for some time. Except for the handles these are quite sturdy, and would be awesome if finished like the catalog picture. Since they were a promotional gift I guess I'm not as concerned as I would be if I paid full price. I may be able to rework them as other reviewers have suggested.

3  - 
Not Quite As Shown
Reviewed By:   (Portland, OR) 
The screw drivers are sturdy enough, but the handle wood is crap. It isn't fit very well and it looks like a beaver chewed the finish off, or maybe a belt sander. I 'm going with the beaver. The attempts to fill in the beaver teeth marks with some type of low grade wood filler ( or beaver saliva), just makes it look worse. I plan to remove the wood and replace it with something more durable and appealing. I may, or may not use a live, wood chewing animal to fit the pieces in place, not my usual method, but who ever made these seemed to think it was a good idea, so what the heck...

4  - 
Great Metal
Reviewed By:   (New Market, Maryland) 
These screwdrivers are made of beautiful steel. The metal in each piece is excellent. As a set, the sizes are perfectly graduated. The wood in the handles fits nicely; however, the handles could and probably should be made of finer, harder wood. Still, a little sanding and a lot of dirt and sweat may add a perfect patina. If not, it will be very easy to replace the handles with a nice hardwood or stone. To me, that is the measure of a really good pieces. The blade can be used for any task, and if the blade is chipped, it can be milled back into proper shape easily. Also, the wood in the handles is clearly what makes the price of these beautiful screwdrivers so attractive. You couldn't find a better buy!

5  - 
Solid, Maybe Not Too Pretty
Reviewed By:   (Rutland, VT) 
I bought a set of these about 20 years ago. They have been used and abused since then. I've hammered on them, stood on them as a pry bar and generally abused them for two decades to no effect. No splits in the wood, no metal chips. Not really that pretty, but they do the job!

1  - 
Sloppily Made Screwdrivers
Reviewed By:   (Pinetop, Arizona) 
These screwdrivers are substantial but I expected a better finished product. Two of the wooden handles were about 3/8 inch short. The resulting gap was poorly filled with some kind of filler but this was poorly done leaving gaps in the wood handle. One of the handles had a crack in the wood. How long before it falls out? Gobs of red lacquer everywhere. Someone did not take pride in their work when making this product. Garrett Wade should consider demanding a better product from their supplier. Or clearly state in the catalog these screwdrivers will arrive in "rough" condition.

Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
We are very sorry to hear that you are not happy with the Extra Heavy Duty Screwdriver Set.  Since the item was a gift, I could not find the order in our system. Please send us the order information, as well as your address, and a return label will be sent to you immediately. Your comments have been passed on to our purchasing department so they may look into this matter further. We appreciate that you brought this to our attention.

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