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With its 60 long USA hardwood handle and 7" wide blade that is 8" deep, this is a gardener's tool for doing a lot of work in a short amount of time. Every culture in the world has a tool like this one in its repertory of farming and gardening implements. There's nothing sophisticated about it but it will pull up and move a lot of soil in one go and the extra long handle gives it a very long reach. Use a coarse mill file to keep the working edge sharp.

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Overall Rating
  • Best Hoe Around

    Robert Burns, 6/10/2014 This hoe takes the hard work out of cleaning around the garden or cleaning a spot for a new garden. The long handle along with the width and the angle of the blade lets you move lots of material quickly.
  • Awesome

    Brian, 6/10/2014 This tool is a workhorse with very little effort. They got this one right from the get go. You won't be sorry.
  • Bad Boy Digging Hoe

    Kisii Boy, 8/18/2013 I bought this bad boy 3 years ago, and nobody else at this gardening gardens we have been assigned by city has or ever seen a gardening hoe like this one. Every one of them wants to own one. Awesome tool can't live without this tool in my garage.
  • Indestructable

    Chip, 4/26/2013 After breaking two hoes I purchased at the box stores, I bought this bad boy. I've got hard clay soil but this toad can handle it. Its balanced, and moves the dirt.
  • Fabulous for a 98 lb. weakling

    MVH, 6/20/2011 I am 67 and 5'4, 120 lbs. and while I can't work with this for a long period of time straight through, I don't need to. It is a monster! I love it. It does ten times what anything else I have for the garden does."
  • Heavy Duty

    Mark, 5/27/2011 Just used this hoe in my garden today and I love it. It's big and tough. You can really do some hacking weeds with this tool.
  • Great tool

    Palmer, 6/22/2010 I had seen these simple tools used in Europe and wanted to get one. Standard hardware store hoes in the U.S. are pretty cheaply made and not all that durable. This is a beautiful, sturdy, effective tool. I garden in raised beds and this is perfect for turning over the soil in the spring before planting. Its weight makes it very effective for moving a large volume of dirt. I love this tool and will probably buy another to have as a spare--I doubt it will ever break, but I never want to be without it.
  • Awesome ho

    Arturo Almendarez, 4/12/2010 I waited months to get this tool. Used it on hard clay soil to get rid of weeds and St. Augustin grass. It worked better than I thought it would. It did all the work. Amazing simple tool. Highly recommended I'm ordering another one.
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