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Clearance Extra-Long Tapered Nose Pliers
Unusual length in a heavy duty tool
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A good pair of pliers are one of the staples of any workshop or toolbox. Taper nose pliers are a standard and useful design, but rarely found in a long, large length. Now, here they are.

Each is 16" long; one straight, and the other with a 30° bend in the working tips. Robust, heavy-duty tools, you'll be glad you have them in your toolbox when the occasion arises. They're a really fine value.

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Overall Rating
  • Big needle-nose

    DS Henkel, 3/4/2016 Excellent quality, but very big.
  • Extra-Long Needle Nose Pliers

    Tam, 3/22/2014 These have proven to be quality made to allow for forceful grip & thus no slipping. A tool I have needed for some time; just right.
  • Grab far away items.

    Martin Sorin, 1/19/2014 Whoever invented these extra-long, strong, and lightweight straight and offset needle nose pliers has my thanks. I've used them for all kinds of unusual jobs. They're really handy when you need them.
  • Should have bought these a long time ago.

    Sean Morgan, 3/2/2013 I looked at these each time I got a catalog and thought, I should get these" but didn't until I my wood chipper blades got stuck. I tried the needle nose pliers I had and came up short. Rather than take the chipper apart to get to the blades and the wood chips that were binding them, I bought these extra-long nose pliers. This is just the tool I needed and I should have bought them the first time I saw them...could have had my chipper running again a lot sooner! I'm sure I'll find other uses for these pliers as time goes on."
  • Super Reach

    Bruce R Collemer, 1/28/2013 These are not only Long Nose", these are L O N G Reach. Absolutely GREAT! These ROCK!"

    Pat, 11/17/2011 Hard to find size. Great buy on this pair plus they are substantial and well made. The extra long gripping area on the handles helps you hold on in a tight space. Well worth the price. They were packed well and shipped very quickly. Great doing business with you!
  • Extra-Long Tapered Nose Pliers

    Bob, 8/18/2011 Excellent tools. Put them to use within 2 days of receiving them. Knuckles and fingers saved from nicks with the long handles. Great for hard to reach, hard to see places.
  • Unusual use

    Ray, 9/22/2010 These unusual long pliers have their obvious uses in and around the house. Need to pick up a hot grate off your BBQ and can't find your grate hook? Need to extricate a fallen tool or a part from inside you engine compartment or elsewhere? These pliers will do the trick. It's their long reach and strong gripping ability that make these pliers so useful. But that's not the initial reason I bought them. It was to see if they can be used to work the Velcro straps on shoes for people who can't bend down low enough to use their hands to tie their shoes. See my write up at www.toolsforeasyliving.com. They do work for that purpose. However, Garrett Wade gets low marks for their presentation of the product. Seems you have to buy both pliers. Got an email reply from them that you could buy just one. But there's no offer like that in their website. The other thing is that their picture of the pliers is incorrect. They show a lot more of the black part of the handles then there actually is. See picture on my website.
  • Extra length=easier work

    R.C. Reed, 4/14/2009 These pliers are a great value for the price. They are invaluable for reaching into tight, inaccessible spaces to retrieve small parts and are strong enough to tighten parts securely.
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