Face Frame and Right Angle Clamps

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Clearance Face Frame and Right Angle Clamps
Originated and still made in the USA
4-Piece attachment kit makes Perfect Mitres a breeze
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09F01.09 Medium Jaw Bracket

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09F01.10 Large Jaw Bracket

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Assembling long pieces or in carcass work, keeping everything aligned can be tricky. These special clamps solve the problem uniquely - as shown. The Face Frame accepts stock from 5/8 to 7/8" thick, as does the companion Torsion Box Right Angle Clamp. Its vertically aligned cam allows drawer sides (for example) to be assembled and held easily. You can clamp long lengths of material, because the clamp does not have to reach to the other end.

The accessory Medium and Large Cam Brackets extend this capacity. The Medium Bracket enables clamping of material between 13/16" and 1-1/8" thick, while the Large Bracket enables clamping of material between 1-5/16" and 1-1/2" thick.

The accessory 3-piece Mitre Attachment for the Face Frame version converts it into a mitring tool to clamp mitre frames (eg picture frames) up to 5" wide. The Mitre Attachment may also be used as a plain clamp with a capacity up to 6-1/2". The Mitre Attachment consists of inside and outside mitre jaws, and a wedge-action base plate that may be mounted to a bench.

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