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Winter Sale Face Frame Clamp
A terrific plus when clamping large pieces
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35N07.06 Face Frame Clamp

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35N07.60 Face Frame Clamp (2)

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Assembling a lot of long pieces, and keeping them aligned while gluing, can be very tricky. These simple clamps solve those problems once and for all, changing carcass frame glue-up from a chore to a breeze. We recommend these enthusiastically. Get at least two to start with if possible. Clamps material up to 7/8" thick. Made in China.

The Right Angle Torsion Box Clamp is similar.

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Overall Rating
  • Waffle prints.

    Tom Treat, 1/9/2017 It works...but you have to coerce it. It doesn't want to grab the wood...and like other reviewers, it slips. I have used the product once, on some pine, and it left waffle like imprints on my face frame. Not a fan.
  • Good for Any Length

    Tom, 3/3/2016 My son finds this handy for most of his projects. Easy to use and keeps corners square. Very helpful with lengthy pieces.
  • Framework

    Larry Grigsby, 12/9/2014 This product gives a simple and easy way for wood joint assembly. It's very simple to use.
  • Great Idea

    Thomas, 10/22/2014 These allow one to clamp corner and not use pipe clamps.
  • Still in Box

    Francisco de la Cruz, 3/22/2014 I received the clamp earlier this week in a flimsy cardboard box. I was surprised I thought Garrett Wade could afford better packaging. Looking at the tool and holding it and twisting the handle it appears to be a sturdily made tool. I noticed that one of the clamping surfaces has a diamond-like pattern etched into the clamping area. As I am working with some clear heart redwood I was concerned that this diamond pattern would be introduced into the wood when I clamped down. I will likely add some cork to that surface so as to eliminate that problem, but that reduces the throat capacity by about an eighth of an inch. As I like to prepare well in advance of having the need for a particular tool, the clamps have arrived way ahead of the time that I'm going to actually put them to use. Were it not for Garrett Wade constantly wanting to know how they are doing I wouldn't be writing this review it all. Once I put the clamps to use I'll let you know how happy or unhappy I am --- until then have a great day!

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Face Frame Clamp. Your thoughts are very much appreciated, as well as your advice on using the cork to avoid an imprint on the wood. We hope to hear a follow up review on this product. Thanks again.
  • Great Christmas Gift for Hubby!

    Connie Thompson, 12/12/2013 Giving this as a Christmas gift to my woodworker Hubby. It looks great along with the other items I ordered him. Great gift, fast shipping and excellent packaging.
  • quality poor

    John, 2/25/2012 I found fitting on a 3/4 inch stock good, however, the foot does not stay on once the shaft after you remove the clamp from the gluing project. Constantly having to reassemble the clamp.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your comments. We are sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the clamp. It sounds as though it may be defective. There is a roll pin that is supposed to keep the foot on. We have had one or two returned because of this reason. Please feel free to return the clamp using the return label which was included and we will replace it for you. We will also check the replacement clamp before shipping it out to you. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Grab All

    Roger Tumbleson, 2/1/2012 I am amazed at how quick and handy these new face frame clamps are to use. I am also more than a little bit embarrassed that I have been working wood for fifty years without one of the handiest tools in my shop. They are based on the incline plane principal which has only been around for a few thousand years. Thanks for a great tool.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Better late than never! So glad to hear that this clamp is a welcome addition to your shop. Enjoy!
  • clamps

    Dale, 1/11/2012 I found this product easy to use were normal clamping would need a much longer clamp, and the need for an extra pair of hands.
  • Great Clamp

    Bob Stewart, 7/2/2011 A great clamp, long needed. You may want to C-clamp the friction end in place--and you can easily remove the friction slide and C-clamp the unit's free end on material thicker than 7/8 inch. Once in place it holds great and stays there. The face frame clamp can also be used with a positioning square" for precision work.

    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner July 2011 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Bob!!
  • awesome clamp

    Fred , 12/20/2010 These clamps are wonderful for cabinet face frame work.
  • Gluing Wood

    Diane K. Ballard, 12/15/2010 A wonderful tool for gluing frames, etc.
  • Outstanding Clamp

    Reed Jackson, 12/4/2009 The first time I saw a clamp like this was from a professional cabinet maker. The usees for this clamp are limited only by your imagination. It is incredibly handy to have around the shop for construction or repairs. Very lightweight and will impress your friends will its versatility.
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