Fine-Cut Riffler Sets

Fine-Cut Riffler Sets
Two sets that "cover the waterfront"
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23T02.03 10 Double End Rifflers

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Rifflers and Needle Files are useful to sculptors, gunsmiths, and model makers. They allow precision work on hard-to-reach and unusually shaped objects. Our 10 piece. 7" long double-ended fine-cut steel Rifflers includes a full variety of cross sections - flat, round, triangular, tapered and curved.

The set of 10 Diamond-Coated Riffler Needle Files will cut wood, stone, glass, ceramics and any metal or plastic. Diamond files cut fast and leave a smooth finish. Good quality at a great value.

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Overall Rating
  • Great File Set

    T Andrew, 3/3/2016 Excellent files, very effective.
  • Great Files

    Jeff Schmidt , 3/31/2014 These files are awesome and take care of jobs nothing else could do!
  • Great Riffler Set

    Jim Broderick, 1/16/2014 I use rifflers to sand and shape the driftwood sculptures I'm working on. The usually rough wood, is often delicate so my new set works really well in crevices and curves in the wood.
  • Versatile Rasp Set

    Steve Montgomery, 5/3/2013 The set comes in a wide assortment of useful shapes, and are small enough to get to the most difficult areas. I've only used the tools on milder materials, but they should be suitable for most jobs. A good value.
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