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Flat Sided Screwdriver Set
$ 56.75
Screwdrivers that we all use every day have tapered tips – that is, the sides are not parallel across the width of the blade. Since a screw slot has parallel sides, this means that the pressure in the slot is only at the top edge. We’ve all experienced the all-to-familiar result – the tip irritatingly jumps out (cams out") of the slot. This often tears the top of the screw head as well. This set of six wood handled, screwdrivers (from 4 to 8 " long) prevents this from happening. You'll be glad you are using them on your better work.

Tip thicknesses .023, .030, .035, .037, .040, and .045". Really good tools. Alternate image shows parallel-sided tip. USA made.
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