Flexible Shaft Screwdriver and Bit Set

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Flexible Shaft Screwdriver and Bit Set
German made tool boldly goes where others can’t reach
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54D01.20 Flexible Shaft Screwdriver and Bit Set

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The flexible 6 1/2“ shaft of this very useful screwdriver will give you access in otherwise inaccessible locations. The firm rubber grip is highly flexible, but stiff enough to absorb all the torque you could apply. The hex collar allows you to use a wrench for extra torque. Comes with a 6 Bit Set that includes 2 useful slot tips, 2 Phillips (#1 and #2), and 2 Torx (T15, T20). Plus, the hex recess will accept any and all hex bits that you might already have.

Perfect for working on motorcycles, cars, outboard engines, or any connections that have hard-to-reach spaces. This is a very specific tool with a very specific function that you may not need often, but when you do, it will be a lifesaver.
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