Flip Out Stackable Bins

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Flip Out Stackable Bins
Keep small parts and hardware handy
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53M04.01 Large Flip-Out Bin (1)

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53M04.02 Small Flip-Out Bin (1)

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Snap-together, wall mount or desktop, Small-Parts Flip-Out Storage Bins are about the handiest way to keep super-easy access to hardware and parts that you reach for most often. One-hand drawer operation - simply flip out a bin and whatever it holds is right there at your finger tips. Free-standing on your desk or interconnected and mounted to cover an entire wall, you'll appreciate the ease and convenience. Made of sturdy ABS, with full width high visibility polystyrene windows and PS snap-in label covers.

The Larger Storage Bins (6 drawers) are sized H 10 x W 11-1/2 x D 3" overall. The Smaller Bins (8 drawers) are sized H 8 x W 11-1/2 x D 2-3/4". All Bins include the 6 or 8 individual sections as illustrated. Mounting hardware is included.

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