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FLIR ONE Thermal Camera
This new impressively small camera brings Thermal Imaging, once the exclusive domain of military operations or commercial engineering, to your smart phone or iPad. Using special sensor technology, this expands the limits of human sight, by displaying invisible heat energy as images on your phone. You still see a recognizable image, but it will be dominatied by the thermal signature of whatever you are looking at. Even in total darkness, it still sees differences in temperature to fractions of a degree. A screen pointer you can turn on will indicate the actual temperature of any particular spot in the image – to 0.1˚.

As a homeowner, technician or outdoorsman, you can observe differences in temperature within buildings, appliances, and machinery – or amazingly, across a landscape. You’ll be able to diagnose electrical overloading, hotspots, air/water leaks, and assess insulation needs. It will easily reveal the leftover warmth on a surface that you or any heat-source has recently been in contact with. The device attaches via the lightning (charging) port on iPhones and iPads or via a microUSB on Android devices. The camera is self-powered by it’s own high-performance rechargeable battery.

It’s functioning is fully integrated with the phone or tablet’s camera-roll so not only will you be able to take pictures, you will also be able to take time-lapse photos, panorama images, close-up images and videos. You can even email the results or post them to social media. This is the most fun piece of serious technology that this writer has encountered since the proliferation of video games. You will enjoy every minute of use with this camera, regardless of how you use it. Dimensions: 2-1/2 X 1 X 3/4”.
Weight 2-3/4 ounces.

The FLIR ONE app is available from the App Store.
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