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FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera
$ 999.95
Hold in your hand the power to peer through walls, under the ground, in the dark! It's not science fiction. The forward-looking thermal imaging (infrared) camera has given us the ability to make the invisible visible - revolutionizing, among other things, our military, law enforcement and commercial airline industries along the way. Now thanks to these technical advancements and a huge drop in its cost, these "super-hero powers" are available to the average citizen, like us - with real-world, practical and very significant money-saving benefits for homeowners.

The FLIR thermal camera's ability to detect and record telltale temperature differences caused by moisture damage, inadequate insulation, sloppy past construction or structural movement, drafts, termites and pests makes it the most effective tool available for predictive maintenance and diagnostic inspection. Even small areas of moisture intrusion are easy to spot, long before they develop into serious problems. If you already have a problem, it allows you to precisely locate the source and pinpoint its cause without taking down walls or even drilling a hole. A quick home audit with the FLIR can identify (at a glance) potentially bad or even dangerous conditions. Eliminate energy loss and waste. Track wildlife. Detect mold or rot early. Discover overheating bearings, aging capacitors or inefficient HVAC systems and avoid future expensive equipment repairs. Find gas leaks. Locate septic systems. Check the cost and quality of work performed by contractors. Find missing pets or intruders in the dark.

This is not night vision (which operates in the visible realm) and it's not a temperature gun, which can only provide an average temperature of a single spot. This is a much, much more powerful tool that can reveal exactly what's going on with your property as never before possible, representing a positive financial return for the construction pro and homeowner alike.

Made by FLIR Systems, a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of thermal imaging systems. FLIR is at the forefront of innovation, and is the inventor of the Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX) System used here. MSX image enhancement (an extremely advanced function at this price) overlays an outline of visible features on the thermal display, making images instantly recognizable. Other advanced features include multiple measuring & display modes, and adjusting for emissivity and reflected radiation, necessary when extreme accuracy is required. Up to 500 thermal and visible images can be stored. (See full specifications below.)

The hand-held unit weighs 1.27 lbs. and features a 3" display screen, large buttons usable with gloves, a rechargeable Li-on battery and a rugged, resilient case. Software for downloading images and sturdy carrying case included. Highly fascinating and comprehensive manual (see below).

See below for an Image Gallery of actual shots from the Thermal Imaging Camera.
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