Folding Pocket Wrench

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Folding Pocket Wrench
A Crescent-Style wrench that easily slips in a pocket
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08C11.01 Folding Pocket Wrench Inch Set

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08C11.02 Folding Pocket Wrench Metric Set

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Regular Price: $29.95

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08C11.10 Both Folding Wrenches (Inch & Metric)

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Regular Price: $74.40

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This gives you an entire set of adjustable wrenches that fit in your pocket. Special spacer blades lift into place for a snug fit that eliminates the play of most adjustable wrenches. 12 SAE sizes range from 5/16 to 1"; 18 metric sizes range from 8 to 25mm. Folds down to an incredible 5 x 2 x 3/4"-ideal to keep on hand wherever space is limited. Individual belt pouch included.

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Overall Rating
  • innovative

    Richard Buckingham Jr., 11/29/2010
  • A toolbox in your hand...

    John W, 11/4/2010 Well constructed and elegant in use. I keep a metric pocketwrench in my motorcycle toolbox and an SAE on my boat...Replaces a dozen wrenches and the range of sizes it covers is quite wide. This is an innovative take on an old favourite that works
  • Folding Spanner

    Bob, 9/8/2010 Useful for nut/bolt sizing, but could be a good tool if the flip-over bars were redesigned to lock in place when selected. Otherwise OK
  • Wrench that fits in your pocket

    Jim, 2/28/2010 This is great for those situations where you have a bolt or nut in an awkward spot, but you know what size it is - you do not need to try it, just to find that you need to adjust your crescent wrench. And it is easier to carry. While I cannot say that I use it everyday, I have used it enough to keep it nearby.
  • Full-sized folding wrench

    George P, 8/28/2009 Major time saver! As an aircraft mechanic doing line-level maintenance, I can't carry all my tools on my belt or in my pocket during a walk-around inspection. This wrench solves some of that portability problem. The carry pouch is a little odd, as the velcro that attaches the pouch to your belt won't stay put with the wrench in the pouch- nothing a needle and thread and 5 minutes couldn't fix! I use this wrench every work-day, and highly recommend it...
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