Forester's Fine Axe
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If you have only one axe, this is the one that it should be. Its unique benefits lie with its deliberately unusual dimensions. The 1-1/4 lb head is a bit lighter that one that normally comes with an axe with a 24 handle and the handle is a bit longer than one that normally is associated with a 1-1/4lb head. No, that's not double talk. The secret is the engineering that has come with the marriage of a lighter head with a relatively long handle. You get the cutting momentum of a heavier head and the reach and usefulness of a medium length handle that is easily manipulated.

It should be standard equipment for all overnight trips. It's simply got great balance. Blade edge 3" long. We really love it. Formerly known as the Universal Woodman's Axe.

Shown with the Leather Axe Holster.
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