Twisted Aluminum Splitting Wedge

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Twisted Aluminum Splitting Wedge
Work safer with less effort
Made in Germany
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19A03.04 Twisted Aluminum Splitting Wedge

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A splitting wedge is the ideal accessory for working with difficult to split hardwood rounds that are twisted (cherry, commonly) or ones with large knots. A spiral or twisted wedge is doubly effective as it distributes the force of a blow in two directions at once.

The German-made Spiral Splitting Wedge is forged from high quality, aircraft-grade aluminum. Softer than steel, an aluminum wedge will give rather than splinter when struck with a maul or sledge, making it a much safer tool to use. With a 45 degree twist, guide ribs and lateral ribs to prevent bounce-back. Measuring 8” x 2-1/2” x 2”

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  • Light Duty Tool

    Dan S, 5/7/2017 I almost didn't buy this because it is aluminum. My gut feelings were correct. To be fair, I believe this wedge functions very well and will serve many people as an aid to splitting modestly challenging rounds. Yes, the spiral shape is a real advantage. Mine bent severely --along about half of the cutting edge--after about the 5th blow from an "indestructable German Splitting Axe"--I'm talking about the EXACT set up shown in the video used to advertise this wedge. I certainly was not giving it a full swing. It was in a very knotty piece of Douglas Fir. I very carefully avoided placing the wedge directly above a knot, instead aiming it in between the knots as common prudence would suggest. By comparison, I have a solid steel wedge (non spiraled) that, as a kid, I witnessed my dad use to split hundreds of gnarly pieces of wood. I have it now and have done the same with it. It has easily survived thousands of blows with an 8 lb splitting maul, many of which were full overhead swings with everything behind it. Other than some important and simple maintenance to remove the mushrooming of the head, this steel wedge is perfectly fine, and will most likely far outlive me and it's next 5 owners. I believe the aluminum wedge is too soft and thus fundamentally underbuilt for it's intended (and clearly advertised) purpose. I do think that for those who want an aid in splitting modest rounds--ones that might be just as well tackled by a reasonable sized splitting axe or maul alone---this wedge will help you out. I only use a wedge when I really need it, and this one is simply not up to the task as I see it.
  • aluminum twisted wedge

    frank sanders, 12/14/2016 cant say enough about this made in Germany forged aluminum twisted wedge, Light weight , better design than standard wedges make it a joy to use.We could use a special purpose hammer to extend the life like one made by ochsenkopf , but after several hrs of pounding with a steel sledge hammer= very little wear .The design enhances the over all effort and compounds the force.I used it on maple and oak = excellent results.
  • Works as advertised.

    Bob, 9/11/2016 Works as advertised. Splits hard word with a small 4 lb sledge.
  • Log splitter

    Noreen, 9/4/2016 I'm not that strong but this thing does all,the work. I had no,trouble,splitting logs with it.
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